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Re: [ECOS] TCP/IP Stack for eCos

	> It probably would take very little effort to get the OSKit's TCP/IP
	> stack working in eCos, [...]

	Do you know if it's a zero copy stack?

Yes, I believe it is but can't swear to it.  It's FreeBSD's
implementation with our wrapping code and environment.

In Sec 5 of the SOSP paper on our site there's a discussion of a
networking example (ttcp) which might be enlightening in a general
way.  In that particular example an extra copy is incurred on the
outgoing path because BSD's scatter/gather `mbufs' in the protocol
component have to be copied into linear `skbuffs' in the (unchanged)
Linux driver component.  That is an artifact of the mismatch and would
not apply if you allowed yourself to change the Linux drivers or
provided other drivers.  (For maintenance and philosophical reasons,
we generally avoid changing foreign "encapsulated" code in the OSKit.)