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Re: [ECOS] Problem with PowerPC simulator

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Lunn <> writes:

>> These addresses are wrong. _start should be at 0x4000 or so. Are
>> you sure you selected RAM startup, and didn't save and/or build on
>> top of an different configuration?

Andrew> Im not quite sure what i did, but it now works, i get the PASS
Andrew> and EXIT lines

Andrew> I think i changed back to the Cogent eval board setting,
Andrew> enabled startup type ram, swapped back to the mininal
Andrew> simulator and rebuilt everything. Maybe the startup type
Andrew> option needs moving from being a subsection of Cognet to the
Andrew> same level as the Cognet and Minimal simulator.

I think the problem is that you are using the same build directory for
Cogent and SIM. 

There are known dependency problems when changing config, so the
startup type may not have been reset properly when you started
building for SIM.

The workaround is to use separate build directories.