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[ECOS] Re: Problem with PowerPC simulator

>>>>> "Jesper" == Jesper Skov <> writes:

    >>> These addresses are wrong. _start should be at 0x4000 or so.
    >>> Are you sure you selected RAM startup, and didn't save and/or
    >>> build on top of an different configuration?

    Andrew> Im not quite sure what i did, but it now works, i get the
    Andrew> PASS and EXIT lines

    Andrew> I think i changed back to the Cogent eval board setting,
    Andrew> enabled startup type ram, swapped back to the mininal
    Andrew> simulator and rebuilt everything. Maybe the startup type
    Andrew> option needs moving from being a subsection of Cognet to
    Andrew> the same level as the Cognet and Minimal simulator.

    Jesper> I think the problem is that you are using the same build
    Jesper> directory for Cogent and SIM.

    Jesper> There are known dependency problems when changing config,
    Jesper> so the startup type may not have been reset properly when
    Jesper> you started building for SIM.

Small correction: that was true at one point, but I believe all the
problems in this area were fixed or worked around before the 1.1
release. It should not be possible for any object files built for a
previous platform to affect the current build. If anybody can
reproduce the problem then please let me know how.

Bart Veer // eCos net maintainer