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Re: [ECOS] arm-elf-ld problems

On 20-May-99 Dan Hovang wrote:
> Gary Thomas wrote:
>> Since you are using StrongARM (an unsupported ARM architecture at
>> this time), what compiler options, etc, are you using?  How did you
>> configure the tools when you built them?
> I configured them as arm-elf. I made the assumption that it would
> produce ARMv4 compatible code and I also assumed that by avoiding
> hard floats I should be able to run the code on StrongARM. I figured
> that the only penalty would be in optimization; as the compiler would 
> most likely not be able schedule the instructions properly.
> Also; in the packages/targets file I added my platform with:
>   cflags {
>     ARCHFLAGS "-mcpu=strongarm"
> A quick glance at /src/gcc/config/arm.c told me that this perhaps
> should work. (gcc supports StrongARM, so the eCos tools should too?)
> However; as stated, theese are all assumptions so I do expect a
> fair amount of trouble. :-)
> I solved the problem with the binary format by compiling to ELF and
> using arm-elf-objcopy to produce the binary. I have'nt tried the
> image yet; but the disassembly looks ok.

Well, -m=strongarm is only margninally supported in the sources you
have, so this may be part of the problem.  In particular, some of the
eCos specific support may not be present yet.

I'd suggest that you start with some proper subset - try -m=arm710c
for example - you'll probably have less trouble.

We have considered a StrongARM port of eCos, possibly you'd like to
either collaborate or donate your work back to us?  Feel free to
contact me privately as necessary.

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