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RE: Integrator/uHAL

true, but it would have been nice to be able to use the uHAL timer
functionality though because it's very flexible.. We need to work with some
very fast
timer interrupts and the alarm functionality in eCos only works with 
big resolutions, so we can't use them for that.
Not using uHAL means that I will have to write some timer routines  
myself then, or am I wrong somewhere ?


thierry dubois 

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From: Robert Cragie []
Sent: vrijdag 1 februari 2002 11:08
Subject: RE: [ECOS] Integrator/uHAL

I did a port to the Integrator before the official one came out. As eCos is
inextricably linked with the processor right down to low level interrupt
handling, and the services offered by the uHAL are essentially replicated by
the eCos HAL, device drivers and libraries, I saw little point in trying to
use the uHAL.

Robert Cragie, Design Engineer

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> Sent: 01 February 2002 08:44
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> Subject: [ECOS] Integrator/uHAL
> Hi all,
> I'm using the alpha port for the ARM integrator dev platform..  I was
> thinking about using the uHAL environment in combination with eCos .
> When compiling the project I stumbled upon conflicts between the two
> libraries.
> For example the _memcpy defined twice etc.. Also a lot of memoryspace
> conflicts.
> I started changing the uHAL library sources and already resolved some
> conflicts, but
> I was wondering if everything CAN  be resolved without using
> exotic trics..
> Maybe someone on the list has some usefull tips for me ..
> The reason to keep on using uHAL is for its interrupt handling
> structure..
> Kind regards
> Thierry Dubois
> Real-Time Systems Developer
> Agilent Technologies
> Sirius Mobile Research & Design
> Tel  : +32(0)16 / 46 97 15

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