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RedBoot on V850 problem

Hi all!

I have adopted the eCos CEB port to work with
NEC StartWARE-V850/SA1 (20MHz) board. GDB stub is
in flash and downloading / debugging works fine.

Now I'am trying to get RedBoot running...
I download it with gdb and then use minicom, I can
see the prompt and type in commands. The problem
arises when downloading a program - if I just
type the command 'load -m xm' and watch it gives
me the 'C' char every 10-15 seconds (isn't this to slow?).

Then I implemented the HAL_DELAY_US function using the
code from hal/common/current/src/hal_if.c and adding the
interval timer initialization.

But downloading with RedBoot still doesn't work
(the 'C' char is still coming out every 10-15 seconds).

Is there another reason for RedBoot to behave this way?

NOTE: there seems to be a problem with the current implementation
      of delay_us in hal/common/current/src/hal_if.c -
      if we have a long delay (usecs=250000) and the
      CYGNUM_KERNEL_COUNTERS_RTC_PERIOD is a big number (in
      my case it is 50000), then the following line gives us
      an integer overflow (usecs and usec_ticks being of type cyg_int32)

      usec_ticks = usecs*CYGNUM_KERNEL_COUNTERS_RTC_PERIOD;


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