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AW: v850-stub with ecos ?


> > So, what must i do, to get a complete image with gdb-stub 
> included which can be burned into the v850 ?
> This one should have worked. Are you sure you made the option 
> take effect,
> e.g. by doing "ecosconfig tree"? Describe what you did to set 
> the option.
Oh, it was my mistake. I use the configtool and setting the "build for 
internal flash" is what i needed. Now i get a object-file which starts at 
0x0 including the vectors. 
Unfortunately, there are sections (think it must be at 0xfc0000 (RAM)) which
i canīt transfere to hex, cause the address range mismatch (i must use the
Green Hills ghexfile util to convert the object to hex, cause objectcopy
made hexlines only in of 10bytes instead of 20bytes which my stupid
flashprog expect :-(). 
When i normaly compile my progs there are no such bad adresses.
As i think eCos will deliver me a burnable image, it`ll be wrong to delete
all sections in RAM right ?

I use a selfbuild prototype board with a v850SF1 on it. The board   has
nothing special except some add Flash and SRAM (different addresses to the
cosmo board). How much will be the afford to setup eCos for our board and
the v850SF1 CPU ? The SF1 CPU is nearly the same as the SA1 except the
RAM/Flash layout is a bit different and the i/o registers and irq-vectors
are shifted.


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