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RE: [iPAQ] Restore CE (or bootldr) from Redboot?


I believe that Ted meant "switch" as in re-load, not as in run from CF.

In any event, what would happen if the bootloader worked with CF (as the HTC
loader does), and provided options to blit both Flash and DRAM to/from CF?
So if I held the action key upon warm reset, it'd be offered the option to
save or restore a compressed image?  At least in theory, wouldn't that
provide the ability to save my current WinCE image, and load in my saved
linux image; and later to restore my WinCE image including data with perfect
binary fidelity?

	--- Noel

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Subject: RE: [iPAQ] Restore CE (or bootldr) from Redboot?

> Ok, how about this,  Given that you [have] redboot installed, is there a
> mechanism to just put linux on a flash card and wince on a flash card
> then switch as needed?

That might be the ideal dual boot scenario, but the PocketPC images for
the iPAQ will not run from a flash card -- you have to install them in

The dual boot configuration that I think is feasible is to be able to
boot either WinCE, installed in Flash, or another operating system such
as Linux from external media such as CF, SD, etc.

One difficulty in doing this is being able to implement suspend/resume.
The firmware has to be able to decide whether it is resuming WinCE or
Linux before it turns DRAM back on.  (If it is resuming WinCE, the
firmware does not turn on DRAM -- WinCE does).  We need a SA1100
register that we know is used differently by PocketPC and Linux that the
firmware can examine.


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