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Re: code genration for mips32 type processors

actually , i did report it to the list and shure enough the next day (feb
6th) there was a binutils-020206.tar.gz on their cvs . It compiled
successfully . I downloaded the latest snapshot of gcc and using that
recently compiled cross assembler & crosslinker proceeded to generate a gcc
with the mipsisa32 flavour. But that is broken too, some file related to
mips is missing . Reported that to the gcc-help list with a copy of the
error messages but nobody was able to help yet .

There appears to be some prebuilt binaries on the mips site :  . I will investigate this approach in an
effort to expedite things.

My current conclusion is that only the --target=mips-elf suggestion
previously suggested on this thread has a chance to build from scratch (with
a previous released gcc not a snapshot one)  until the tools are repared and
stable . The A brand tool chain based on gcc worked all along to generate
code for the idt part but your site warns that ecos needs a ver 2.95 or
later gcc . Does this warning also apply to redboot ?

thank you

H Girard

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From: "Jonathan Larmour" <>
To: "H Girard" <>
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Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2002 1:18 PM
Subject: Re: [ECOS] code genration for mips32 type processors

> H Girard wrote:
> >
> > similar problem for the binutils: the released version (2.11.2) does not
> > support --target=mipsisa32-elf but the snapshots from the cvs does .
> > the current snapshot (yesterdays) produces linker errors when compiled
> > the gcc in the released cygwin environment.
> Report this on the binutils list if you haven't already (and give the
> errors). And ask if you can use a snapshot from an earlier date instead
> perhaps.
> Jifl
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