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Re: Redboot Image download via Network...

Jesper Skov wrote:
> On Wed, 2002-02-13 at 14:17, venkatesh wrote:
> > Sir,
> > I refered to the link specified by You, and there it is said to use the
> > command fconfig.
> > But, if I type help from the redboot prompt fconfig is not listed.
> > So where shall I use this fconfig.And also, How to configure the target to
> > use BOOTP?
> Right! You are using the PC target. It does not have flash, so there's
> no fconfig command.
> I must admit that I don't know if the IP can be static on the PC target
> in light of this. Anyone else know?

Yes, you can build it into RedBoot in its CDL configuration:

It might be possible to allow runtime configuration of the IP address even
though RedBoot's net stack has already started, but it would need testing.
It would also therefore need some new command to set it (since unlike
fconfig data it is not persistent).

There's at least one bugzilla bug open about this.

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