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Re: Redboot Image download via Network...

I am not able to edit the option CYGDAT_REDBOOT_DEFAULT_IP_ADDR in my ecc.
The option is desabled in the tool. How to enable the option?
Kindly help in this regard.

Thanks in Advance,
Krishna Mohan

----- Original Message -----
From: Robert Cragie <>
To: Jesper Skov <>; venkatesh <>
Cc: eCos Discuss <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2002 7:51 PM
Subject: RE: [ECOS] Redboot Image download via Network...

> > On Wed, 2002-02-13 at 14:17, venkatesh wrote:
> > > Sir,
> > > I refered to the link specified by You, and there it is said to use
> > > command fconfig.
> > > But, if I type help from the redboot prompt fconfig is not listed.
> > > So where shall I use this fconfig.And also, How to configure
> > the target to
> > > use BOOTP?
> >
> > Right! You are using the PC target. It does not have flash, so there's
> > no fconfig command.
> >
> > I must admit that I don't know if the IP can be static on the PC target
> > in light of this. Anyone else know?
> Set the option CYGDAT_REDBOOT_DEFAULT_IP_ADDR in ecos.ecc to the static IP
> address you want it to be. This works fine for me.

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