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Re: Re: eCos tools' gcc minor version

On Wed, 2002-02-13 at 19:40, Sam Sortais wrote:
> This brings some questions in my mind.
> I do not understand what the current patch to
> gcc2.95 is doing and if it is to solve a general compiler problem or a specific patch to get eCos working only.

The patch solves a problem in gcc-2.95.2 but vanilla 2.95.3 already
contains a fix. The patch also adds some stuff needed to configure for a
raw i386-elf and some sparc targets.

> More generally I am wondering if next compiler
> version will need to be patched to work with
> eCos.

If you want to configure gcc-2.95.3 for an ix86-linux target then you
may (hopefully) safely ignore the patch.

> And my main issue is to find out if I could use
> the same compiler to build some objects for Linux and eCos target in case this object/libraries have nothing to do with the underlying OS.
> I would like to avoid to recompile everything
> whether I am compiling for Linux, eCos or eCos synthetic target.

I think gcc-2.95.3 for ix86-linux doesn't contain any glibc
cache-related dependencies anymore thus you should be able to use the
same tools for ix86 based linux and eCos systems.

> Thanks,
> Sam.

Please note that I may be completely wrong since I never tried that


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