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Re: Re: eCos tools' gcc minor version

>On Wed, 2002-02-13 at 19:40, Sam Sortais >wrote:
>> This brings some questions in my mind.
>> I do not understand what the current patch
>> to
>> gcc2.95 is doing and if it is to solve a
>> general compiler problem or a specific
>> patch to get eCos working only.
>The patch solves a problem in gcc-2.95.2 but 
>vanilla 2.95.3 already
>contains a fix. The patch also adds some 
>stuff needed to configure for a
>raw i386-elf and some sparc targets.
I am not a compiler guy, so I am trying to
figure out what you mean by 'raw'.
Is it necessary to get this 'stuff' which
configure something to compile and run an
eCos target? In which case I cannot compile
the eCos library without this patch and with 
another more recent compiler? Unless this is already in 2.95.3 as well, please confirm.

Based on previous e-mails I understood however 
it shall be possible to compile some generic 
object files for both Linux and eCos with same 
compiler (e.g: 2.95.3), thanks all.


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