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Re: use ecos configuration tool on win95


It looks for ls.exe as I recall -- but I do also remember a bug I fixed a while
back that spuriously reported an error. If you like I can send you
a new ConfigTool 2 setup file for you to try, or you could hunt for the latest
on the ftp site.

Best regards,


At 07:34 PM 2/20/02 -0800, chenghong yang wrote:
 >I have installed ecos on PC which is running Win95. I
 >failed to set user tools path: Tools->Paths->User
 >Tools, the mesasge pops up indicating "the fold does
 >not appear to have the user tools".
 >I have installed cygwin in c:\cygwin,all programs seem
 >in c:\cygwin\bin.
 >I have installed build tools in
 >c:\cygwin\tools\H-i686-pc-cygwin\bin. I did not have
 >probelm to set the build
 >What tools does it looks for exactly? I failed to
 >invoke shell as well (Tools->Shell), the program
 >bash.exe is in the c:\cygwin\bin.
 >Thanks for your help.
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