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RE: Ethernet problem

Hi again,

>I would be wary of that 'all ones' hw_addr.

Well, i am -  but i don't know where they come from? 

When i look at the data that is sent to the hardware by the tcp/ip stack (in
bd buffers) then the destination field (first 6 bytes) are all 0xFF. Why is
that? Do i have to setup some more stuff then the server ip in the
configtool to reach the host with a ping.

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>> Sent: Monday, February 25, 2002 4:37 AM
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>> Subject: [ECOS] Ethernet problem
>> Hi all,
>> I have some trouble with my ethernet connection on my mpc850. I have
>> measured on the output pins on the board with an 
>> oschilloscope and i can see
>> that i have both rx and tx clock in from the ethernet chip. I 
>> can also see
>> that i have a lot of incoming traffic on the rx channel. 
>> However, i can't
>> reach the board with a ping and i don't get a successful ping 
>> from the board
>> to a host eighter. The below text is some of the debug printouts from
>> test_ping.c and i wonder why the hw_addr isn't correct. As 
>> fas as i know,
>> this is set by the last function in the ethernet_init routine:
>> // Initialize upper level driver
>>     (sc->funs->eth_drv->init)(sc, (unsigned char *)&enaddr);
>> Should it be set anywhere else?
>> If this hw_addr isn't the problem to why the board can't be 
>> reach then what
>> else do i need to check?
>> Regards, Daniel
>> ----debug printout from test_ping.c ----- 
>> BOOTP[eth0] op: REPLY
>>        htype: Ethernet
>>         hlen: 6
>>         hops: 0
>>          xid: 0x0
>>         secs: 0
>>        flags: 0x0
>>        hw_addr: ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
>>      client IP:
>>          my IP:
>>      server IP:
>>     gateway IP:
>>   options:
>>         subnet mask:
>>        IP broadcast:
>>             gateway:
>> ----debug printout from test_ping.c -----
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