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tty_write yields written bytes count


I'm using the TTY driver with CR/LF translations for console IO. When I
write a single '\n', I get the assertion failure below:

ASSERT FAIL: <4>stream.inl [ 179]
Cyg_ErrNo Cyg_StdioStream::write_byte()
Single byte not written, but no error returned!

The tty_write() routine translates the '\n' into '\r\n' and thus returns
2 which confuses the Cyg_StdioStream::write_byte() routine.

I believe that tty_write() should return the number of bytes consumed
and successfully passed to the underlying device. The attached patch
proposes a possible modification to tty_write() and a ChangeLog entry
follows just in case ...


2002-02-25  Robin Farine  <>

	* src/common/tty.c (tty_write): Instead of the number of bytes
	actually written (which may include extra bytes due to e.g. CR/LF
	translations), yields the number of bytes consumed from the
	caller's buffer and successfully passed to the underlying output

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