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I got a problem about cygmon 'go' command.

Hi all,

I'll port cygmon v2.05 to my board.
It is similar to ixp1200 evaluation board.
I copy linux kernel to SDRAM(c4008000) and I'll execute linux kernel like. 

cygmon> go c4008000

It is not works. 
I don't think Linux kernel error.
Maybe it's 'go' command error.
I am test another program.
Not only linux kernel but also another program is not works
I need your advice. 
please Let me know what was wrong


see next message

cygmon> go c40080000
go_cmd entry
go_cmd, setting pc=c4008000
go_cmd, returned from set_pc
go_cmd, returning 1 (to exit monitor loop)
monitor_loop(), command returned stat=1
monitor_loop(), returning return_value=0
cygmon_handle_exception() monitor_loop return = 0
mon_dbg_handler, after cygmon_handle_exception()
mon_dbg_handler, curr_pc = c4008000
bsp_skip_instruction end
Not stub_is_active
install_breakpoints end
generic_exception_handler(), Returning from exception 1
r0=0x00000000 r1=0x00000000 r2=0x00000000 r3=0xc0000e44
r4=0xc000ed58 r5=0xc000e808 r6=0x00122292 r7=0x00000000
r8=0x103ffffc r9=0x10200970 r10=0x9862fd42 r11=0x1027ffb0
r12=0x1027ffb4 sp=0x1027ffa4 lr=0x1020d3f0
pc=0xc4008000 cpsr=0x60000013 spsr=0x60000013

Seong-Kyoun Yoo

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