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ecos, redboot, x86, 82559, network not working

hello ecos world,

problem summary: x86 target. redboot networking works fine,
before running ecos. once i load and run ecos, neither ecos 
nor redboot networks properly.

thanks to Geoff Patch and comments from others, my
understanding of ecos in general, and networking within ecos
in particular, has greatly improved over the past week.

i'm able to trace the network stack now and to understand
what's going on, it appears to me that broadcast packets
arrive at the stack, in particular ARP requests, my ecos
system replies to those ARP requests, and the arp table
on the requesting host confirms this.

however, i see no other packets arrive at the ecos stack.
it's behaving as if it is only accepting broadcast packets.

i have confirmed with tcpdump that pings from my host to
my target are indeed sending packets to my target's 
ethernet MAC address. i never see these in my target's 
ecos stack.

i can think of two causes for this:

1. 82559 isn't being programmed properly to accept
packets sent to my MAC address

2. the stack running on the redboot bootloader is not
passing these packets on to my ecos stack. 

which reminds me, i did remember to give ecos a different
IP address from redboot.

a weird thing: when i boot with redboot, i can ping and
telnet into the redboot target. however, once i load
(and "continue") ecos, i can no longer ping or contact my
redboot target. in fact, redboot doesn't even reply to
ARP requests. it's as if the redboot stack isn't working.
but how would this be possible? as i understand it, the
redboot stack is responsible for passing packets on to 
the ecos stack, so if the ecos stack is receiving packets,
the redboot stack must be passing them up.

unless the ecos stack has somehow killed the redboot stack?

my gdb connection is over a serial port.

i will next instrument the redboot stack to see if it's
still running, and to see if it's passing packets up to the
ecos stack.

if anyone has suggestions, or if this jogs your memory 
about a similar situation, i'd love to hear from you.

michael shiloh
magritte systems

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