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RE: Does anyone use UART interrupt with redboot...???

Are you:

1) Trying to improve the performance of Redboot itself (i.e. downloading over serial port), or
2) Wanting to use serial port interrupts in your downloaded application?

I'm not sure that you'd need to do (1), as so long as it works OK in polling mode with the host debugger, then why bother changing it? IIRC, Redboot works in a polling manner, and is not really designed to use interrupts (correct me if I'm wrong, anyone).

If it's (2), then all you need to do is enable the serial ports (/dev/tty0 etc.) in the configuration file and use those via the driver interface described in the documentation - they are interrupt driven. Looking at the source code in packages/devs/serial/arm... will give you more information.

Robert Cragie, Design Engineer
Jennic Ltd, Furnival Street, Sheffield, S1 4QT,  UK  Tel: +44 (0) 114 281 2655

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> Sent: 27 February 2002 00:41
> To: eCos Discussion List
> Subject: [ECOS] Does anyone use UART interrupt with redboot...???
> I've worked with a Hynix GMS30C7201(ARM720T) evaluation board.
> At first, I tried to use serial port by polling mode,
> but it was losted data.
> So I decided to use serial interrupts. and then I've been looking for
> some example of serial interrupt routine with redboot.
> How do you use serial port...??? By polling or interrupt...???
> Why don't use serial interrupt with redboot...???
> Is it enough your board to use polling mode.....???

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