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On running tests (i386)

Hi all,

On page 65 of the ecos-tutorial-i386PC.pdf, it states that

> Using the eCos Configuration Tool it is possible to automate 
> the downloading and execution of tests with the appropriately 
> configured eCos packages. To do so, compile and link the test 
> cases by using the Build->Tests menu item, after which the tests 
> can be downloaded and executed by selecting Tools->Run Tests.

Continuing it states:

> When a test run is invoked, a resizable property sheet is 
> displayed, comprising three tabs: Executables, Output and Summary.
> Three buttons appear on the property sheet itself: Run/Stop, Close 
> and Properties. The Run button is used to initiate a test run. 

For the last three weeks I'm trying to do that and just to start the 
problems, the script that informs gdb of the filename is "broken" 
and the result is:

No such host or network path.

It seems it should start with //ecos-d/......

Does anybody knows how to fix this (including Red Hat people) ?

Thank you,
Jose Luiz

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