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eCos v2.0 update

Very shortly, the eCos anonymous CVS repository will be updated with the
code base for an *ALPHA* eCos v2.0.

There are a large number of changes and any summary will do the rest a
disservice, but some highlights are the addition of a new TCP/IP networking
stack based on the FreeBSD stack, which includes IPv6 support; contributed
H8/300, MPC555 and SNDS100 ports; DNS support; Cirrus Logic EP7312 port;
initial alpha JFFS2 support; initial alpha microwindows support; all
documentation released in Docbook format under the Open Publication
Licence; and eCos has been relicensed under a modified GPL. I will shortly
send another mail giving more details about the latter.

I will also shortly make available a pre-checked out snapshot of the
anonymous CVS repository to avoid people hammering the CVS server too much.
I should warn people that the changes are extensive so I request you try
and choose an off-peak (for the US) time, and don't expect it to be fast!
Especially since redboot images will now form part of the repository
contents. I'll mail the location when it's there.

There is still a lot to do before v2.0 is ready, primarily documentation,
but this will go a long way to help people get involved.

For a more complete view of the new features, here is an excerpt from the
NEWS file:

* Ported new networking stack from FreeBSD to eCos. Includes IPv6 support.

* Added generic power management support, plus platform support for the

* Ported Microwindows windowing graphics system. This port is still alpha.

* Added hooks in common ethernet driver for lwIP lightweight IP stack.

* Added RedBoot only ports to Samsung Calmrisc16 and Calmrisc32
architectures. Includes board ports to Calm16 Core and Calm32 Core eval

* Added Samsung ARM KS32c5000 SNDS100 eval board port including RedBoot and
ethernet support. Contributed by Grant Edwards of Comtrol.

* eCos+RedBoot port to the Altera ARM9 Excalibur board. Includes FLASH

* eCos+RedBoot port to Hitachi SH3-based HS7729PCI board, with SH 7729 CPU.
Includes FLASH, ethernet, watchdog and wallclock drivers. The ethernet
driver includes generic support for the VIA Rhine chipset.

* eCos+RedBoot port to Hitachi SH3-based Solution Engine SE77x9 board.
Includes FLASH, ethernet, serial and watchdog drivers.

* eCos+RedBoot port to Hitachi SH4-based Solution Engine SE7751 board.
Includes FLASH, ethernet, serial and watchdog drivers.

* Support for the SH2 core, and SH2 on-chip etherc added.

* Port to Matsushita AM33-2 based ASB2305 board added, including serial,
ethernet and FLASH support.

* Ethernet, serial and USB drivers for NEC MIPS uPD985xx chip family added.

* RedBoot-only port to MIPS Malta evaluation board (Mips32 4Kc and Mips64
5Kc cores) added, including FLASH and ethernet support.

* Port to NEC MIPS VRC4375-based 'Blue Nile' evaluation board. Includes
FLASH, serial and ethernet drivers (the latter being new support for the
i21143 chipset).

* Ethernet driver for Intel i82544 Gigabit ethernet added.

* Support for Samsung ARM KS32C5000 on-core ethernet broken out into
"generic" driver.

* New architectural port to Fujitsu FR-V added. Initial board port to FR-V
400 development board, including RedBoot support and ethernet and FLASH
drivers. Currently pre-alpha quality only.

* eCos+RedBoot port to Intel XScale IQ80321 port added, including FLASH,
ethernet, and serial drivers.  

* ARM Integrator port rewritten. Now includes ARM9 support.

* RedBoot+eCos port to the Agilent ARM9-based AAED2000 evaluation board.
Includes FLASH, ethernet, keyboard and touchscreen drivers.

* eCos relicensed to be under a GPL+exception licence, instead of the

* All eCos documentation now available in DocBook format, licensed under
the OPL.

* CYGPKG_IO_ETH_DRIVERS now puts its headers in install/include/cyg/io/eth

* All platforms are now expected to be using Virtual Vectors. The option
recently built applications will fail to run on boards that have old-style
GDB stubs without VV support.

* Added ELF and wider decompression support to RedBoot.

* Added support for SuperH SH2 CPUs

* Added ports to Wuerz Elektronik and Axiom Manufacturing MPC555 based eval
boards. Contributed by Bob Koninckx  <>
from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Includes FLASH, serial and wallclock

* Added H8/300 port contributed by Yoshinori Sato  <>
Initially for Akizuki H8/3068 board with ethernet and serial driver
support, and H8/300H simulator.

* Added RedBoot support for remote file I/O operations using the GDB remote

* Added SPARC_LEON port contributed by Jiri Gaisler <> -
see <> for information about the TSIM simulator and
Leon project per se.

* Added port to CerfCube and CerfPDA, contributed by the manufacturer,
Intrinsyc. Includes ethernet drivers.

* Added alpha of JFFS2 journalling flash file system v2 support.

* DNS lookup support added. Contributed by Andrew Lunn

* Cogent [Cirrus Logic] EDB7312 platform added.

* The ARM Multi-ICE JTAG debugging interface is now supported on the
relevant platforms. eCos has also been extended to provide thread debugging
when debugging via Multi-ICE.

Share and enjoy,

Red Hat, Rustat House, Clifton Road, Cambridge, UK. Tel: +44 (1223) 271062
--[ "You can complain because roses have thorns, or you ]--
--[  can rejoice because thorns have roses." -Lincoln   ]-- Opinions==mine

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