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Re: conflict between winsock2.h and socket.h

Kevin Lin wrote:

I have followed to build

It works on Linux, bit I got some problems on Windows.

    My commands:
    $ cd ~/Sandbox/CT2-Win/
    $ make configtool-build-20040104
    $ cd configtool-build-20040104
    $ make -f
    install WXDIR=$HOME/Sandbox/CT2-Win/wxMSW-2.4.2 \
    ECOSSRCDIR=$HOME/Sandbox/CT2-Win/ecos/host \
    INSTALLDIR=$HOME/Sandbox/CT2-Win/ecos-tool >& make.out

    When I tried the 3rd step:  "Build and install the eCos Configuration Tool (INSTALLDIR must
    match the eCos host infrastructure prefix):"

I got errors: conflict between winsock2.h and socket.h
I use wxMSW-2.4.2

Any clue ?

I suspect that this build error is a consequence of recent changes to one or more of the Cygwin header files. If you are able to resolve this yourself, I would be interested to review the patches. Otherwise, you may wish to use an earlier snapshot of the relevant Cygwin packages. The eCos 2.0 CD-ROM provides a set of Cygwin packages which will allow building of the current eCos Configuration Tool sources.

John Dallaway
eCosCentric Limited

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