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Re: Re: Wrong declaration of idle_thread_stack

Hello Eric,

thank you for the reply. When I use the alignment attribute then the char
array will be aligned correctly. Here is the result of nm comman.

00ffc00c B _bss
00ffc00c D _edata
00ffc00c b _stack01
00ffc01c b _stack02
00ffc02c b _stack03
00ffc03c b _stack04
00ffc040 b _stack05
00ffc044 B _count
00ffc048 B _ebss

But this does not solve the eCos idle_thread_stack problem because it is
inside the kernel and this should be a kernel patch. Also thís would be
necessary for other char arrays within the eCos source that should be

Regards, Uwe

> To allign a character array, will this work?
> static char stack01[16] __attribute__ ((aligned (4)));
> static char stack02[15] __attribute__ ((aligned (4)));
> static char stack03[14] __attribute__ ((aligned (4)));
> static char stack04[3] __attribute__ ((aligned (4)));
> static char stack05[4] __attribute__ ((aligned (4)));

eCos port for Renesas EDOSK-2674

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