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Re: Thoughts of semaphore filesystem device to would behave like sock etpair() and/or pipe().

> Does this sound reasonable to you?  If so, would this be something
> that the eCos community would support development on.  In
> otherwords, I'm not sure how things get done...I'm not sure if you
> would want me doing it...or when I would(or could ever) get it done.
> If I were to attempt this, would it be something that you (or the
> eCos community) would help support me on doing?

Generally the model would be you do most of the implementation
work. If possible produce a design document which people can comment
on before you start doing any real implementation. We might then have
some comments about your proposed solution. Once you have finished the
implementation post the code to ecos-patch. We will then take a look
and maybe suggest some changes. Once we are happy with the code it
will be committed to CVS once the simple legal paperwork is complete.

Occasionally a team of 2 or 3 has been spontaneously formed when
somebody working on something which multiple people are interested in,
but that does not happen so often.


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