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ecos install script on Cygwin

Hi all,
I seem to be having a problem with the ecos install script. The
trouble is it can't download files from the internet. I'm a bit
puzzled because wget works okay on the command line but doesn't work
within the tcl script.
In /etc/profile, I export "http_proxy" and "ftp_proxy" so that they
point to my proxy server. When I type "export", I get those two lines:
declare -x ftp_proxy="";
declare -x http_proxy="";

If I execute the following script...
...then wget uses my proxy settings and the file is downloaded

However, when I do "sh ecos-install.tcl -v", or "sh ecos-install.tcl
-v -p" then wget seems to "forget" my http_proxy
environment variable, and it says:

Retrieving installer metadata information...
           => `/tmp/ecos-install.db.1172'
Connecting to[]:80... failed: No route
to host.

there is obviously something wrong but I can't figure out what's going

I can't bypass the proxy server as I'm on a secure company network.

Thanks for your attention,

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