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RE: VxWorks type embedded "shell" for eCos


We are currently exploring eCos and use VxWorks internally. The lack of a vxWorks type shell is one the detractors in moving away from vxWorks for us.

The second is the lack of dynamically unloading and reloading objects.

I would be interested in trying out your code. I am not sure that management would commit to contributing...

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[]On Behalf Of Jeffrey R.
Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2004 11:55 AM
Subject: [ECOS] VxWorks type embedded "shell" for eCos

For people interested in a target debugger/shell capabilities under eCos:

The reason for my note here is to gauge interest in the set of capabilities
normally associated with the VxWorks target shell type functionality. I
would envision this as a new package for eCos that would allow users to
configure in a target debugger/shell that is driven from the executable's
symbol table information. Some initial capabilities might include:

    - calling arbitrary (public) C functions from the command line, with
arguments/symbols of choice
    - lookup symbols in the symbol table
    - spawn threads
    - pause/resume threads
    - dump memory, and edit memory locations
    - list information about all runnning threads (dump the task table)
    - Uses any configured stdin/stdout based device for I/O
    - dump stacks, disassemble memory
    - etc.

Searching the discussion group history there seemed to be some discussion on
this in the past - mixed opinions on the general need/desire for such a
capability to a wider audience. Personally, I think this would be a really
nice enhancement to the eCos enviroment if this evolved into a new package
that could be configured into an eCos build.

Point in fact, I have already implemented a basic version of several of the
above capabilities for my own use and am considering opening it up to the
community at large. So at this point, I am looking for feedback from people
(to the group or to me directly) about their interest in using such a
package and/or contributing to such a package.

Best Regards,

Jeffrey R. Szczepanski,
InSciTek Microsystems, Inc.

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