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Problem witth the PPP stack by Mark Retallack

Dear Sirs,

I spent this week with the PPP stack provided by Mark Retallack. Finally I have to ask for a help. 

I'm trying to connect to the inernet with a GPRS modem. I can connect to my GSM provider, after connect I see the local IP and the remote IP. 

At this point everything seems fine, but I can not ping any host, and can not connect to any host. Something happens with the ping, because I see the protocol 0x21 in the PPP logs but no answer arrives to my ping.

My program is based on the example provided in the package, with minimal changes.

Our system is stable and used for years with ethernet, so I think it is not the problem with the whole system.

One more problem: If I additionally initialize an ethernet interface (which works fine for years) with fix IP and with a gateway (with init_net), then 'dodefaultroute' fails in the PPP login process. If I set the gateway to "", then 'dodefaultroute' succeeds in PPP, but the system hangs when I'm trying to connect to any host.

Can somebody help me, or show a working example?

Thanks in advance,
Ferenc Deak

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