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Re: ecos port to x86 PC

On Fri, 2004-02-06 at 08:39, baljeet singh wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to port ecos redboot to a PC target. Whwn
> the target PC is powered with the redboot floppy, it
> complains about Network interface not found. My set up
> is as follows:
> Host - PC with XP OS
> Target - PC
> Both are connected over the serial port.
> Target PC is also connected to the
> gateway.
> Redboot image has been programmed with an IP address
> of
> (Target PC when powered up as a PC works fine with the
> net.)
> I am getting the following message when the unit is
> powered up using the floopy created with the
> redboot.bin:
> IDE failed to identify unit 1 - wrote: a0, read: 2b   
> IDE failed to identify unit 1 - wrote: b0, read: 1b   
> intel_i82559_init                 
> pci_init_find_82559s()                      
> Finished cyg_pci_init();                        
>    Bus: 0, Dev: 13, Fn                     
> ... PCI vendor = 10b7, device = 9200, class 20000    

        { 0x10B7, 0x9200, "3C905C-TX", "Fast EtherLink for PC Management NIC" } ,

You'll have to configure eCos (RedBoot) to use this interface, not the 
Intel 82559 (default).  Note: there is currently no driver for this
interface, so you'd also have to write it :-(
Gary Thomas <>
MLB Associates

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