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Re: finding out what's taking space in .bss

> > 000d11a0 00000004 B _cyg_hal_compiler_dummy
> > 000d11c0 00000004 B __mem_fault_handler
> > 000d11c4 A __bss_end
> > 000d11c4 A _end
> > 000d11c8 A __heap1
> > 
> > what are those absolute (A) symbols for which no size is given? 
> They are normally markers. eg to zero the bss, it needs to know
> the end of the bss is. Hence __bss_end.
> > Apparently, I have a 2k exception_stack between D03E0 and D0BE0. I
> > also have over 1k in the idle_thread_stack. I may need to
> > this.

> You can reduce the idle_thread_stack down. Its 1K because its
> for the HAL to link in a function that is called in the idle
> thread. This could for example change the power saving of the
> processor. Such a function needs some stack space. For "normal"
> systems 1k does not count, so 1k seems a reasonable default.

the funny thing is CYGNUM_THREADS_IDLE_STACK_SIZE is set to 512 in the
configuration tool, I have SMP support turned off, and there are 1120
bytes between idle_thread_stack and the next symbol. Did I read the
map incorrectly?

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