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Re: Redboot: Not able to resolve conflict of Bigendian formatselection in SH77x9 board configuration

Aniket S Joshi wrote:
Hi all,

I am tring to generate  *.srec file with "Bigendian file format"  in win2000 with ecos configuration tool (Hitachi SH77x9 board) , but i am not able to resolve the conflict for Bigendian file format.
I am able to generate the *.srec file with littleendian file format selection but it is not working because i have Hitachi boot loader with Bigendian EPROM Set.
I want to generate *.srec file with bigendian setting.

Pls give me an idea to solve this problem.

Depending on what you are specifically referring to, you should either compile your program in big-endian format. Or if it's just the way the EPROM is accessed, then you just need to swap the bytes in the program itself. You can probably do this by converting your program to binary and then to srec separately, using sh-elf-objcopy. When it's in binary format you can swap the bytes relatively easily using a script or whatever.

hal/mips/ref4955/current/misc/swap4.tcl might help do the swapping of the binary data.

You'll need to set the load address on the objcopy command line when you convert to srec of course be warned.

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