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Confused by eCos packages.

   I've set up the gnutools, and eCos 2.0. I can select templates from the
configtool gui, and build eCos from the various templates provided. My
target system is a i386-elf based system, however the ethernet device
isn't an intel model, but instead an AMD pcnet. If I open the
"build-packages" menu, there is a list containing the AMD pcnet
package, but when I select "add," regardless of the package, it informs
me that in order to add/remove packages I need to make a new template.
I am using the wxWindows/Gtk configtool on Mandrake Linux 9.0 i686. I
believe what I need to do is simply use the default i386-elf template,
unload the intel ethernet driver package, and then add the AMD pcnet
ethernet package. Perhaps this wxWindows version doesn't yet support
the task of adding and removing packages? I'm also unclear what
alterations I need to make to Redboot in order for it to detect this
ethernet device. I downloaded and created a boot-disk containing
redboot, and it loads on the target PC, however it complains that it
wasn't able to detect a network device-- likely because it's expecting
an intel ethernet device. I'm a little lost here, any help would be
greatly appreciated.

-Jason Thomas.

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