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Re: about porting ecos in S3C4510B development board

Hu Ying wrote:
Hi all,

    I just started working on porting eCos on my S3C4510B based development
board which uses S3C4510B, 16MByte SDRAM, 2MByte Flash (AM29LV160).

    I tried to build a Redboot based the SNDS100 package provided in eCos.
But haven't succeeded :-(. I modified hal_arm_snds.cdl, the
mlt_arm_snds_ram/rom.h/ldi, but I could see anything from the Hyperterminal.

Please drop me somp advice.

Please describe in more details the steps you took so we can tell you if you took a wrong turning. In particular did you remember to import the .ecm file? Since you ask:

Do I need to include Flash driver for Redboot?

There is no flash driver for the SNDS, sorry.

 How should I set the
serial port if I want to use the Hyperterminal with my ARM board? shall I
choose S3C4510A or KS32C5000A?

Depends what's fitted, the closest would be S3C4510A. It's possible that there's a difference between the A and B revisions - you'd need to see the documentation for the chips to find out for sure. The B may just be an errata fix version of the chip.

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