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Re: about porting ecos in S3C4510B development board

Hu Ying wrote:
After these I build the Redboot using eCos configuration tool.

Forgot to tell you that the data-bus width for the FLASH and SDRAM are all
16-bit wide. I think this is different from the SNDS board, where could I
change the data-bus width? in the hal_platform_setup.h?

Almost certainly. hal_platform_setup.h contains most of the board-specific parts of an ARM port so you should go through every single line of that file. Certainly it has a comment:
/* Flash is 16 bit, everything else 32 bit */

How could I make the Redboot support AM29LV160 FLASH? Does it support SDRAM?

Worry about the flash only when you've got the basic board port brought up. SDRAM should be set up in hal_platform_setup.h depending on what's needed. You can have a look at other ports depending on what you need to do e.g. if you have to configure the SDRAM from the SPD data, or you may have fixed SDRAM and no SPD.

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