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Re: Serial interface problem


maybe do I have to set "Claim comms virtual vector" in my application?


On Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2004 13:06, Roland Caßebohm wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a problem using the serial interface on our new
> S3C4510 based platform.
> I use a copy of the serial driver for the internal UARTS
> from the e7t platform. It works, but if I configure
> RedBoot to only use the first UART by disabling
> CYGPKG_REDBOOT_ANY_CONSOLE, the second UART don't work
> anymore in my application.
> If application sends some character s3c4510_serial_start_xmit()
> gets called and in it the transmit interrupt will be unmasked,
> but the ISR are never called.
> // Enable the transmitter on the device
> static void
> s3c4510_serial_start_xmit(serial_channel *chan)
> {
>     s3c4510_serial_info *s3c4510_chan =
>             (s3c4510_serial_info *)chan->dev_priv;
>     s3c4510_chan->tx_enabled = true;
>     cyg_drv_interrupt_unmask(s3c4510_chan->tx_int_num);
> }
> If I look in the registers of the UARTs, both UARTs are
> configured equal with rx and tx irq enabled.
> If I look at the interrupt mask register it stay unmasked
> for the tx interrupt of second port.
> It seems like RedBoot gets the interrupt but don't give
> it to the application.
> Does anybody know what could be wrong?
> Roland

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