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Re: about porting ecos in S3C4510B development board

Jay Foster wrote:
I ported RedBoot to the (my) SNDS100 board more than a year ago.  I remember
modifying the HAL startup code to get the SDRAM configuration correct, and
added a flash driver (for the Winbond w29eexxx devices).  I submitted
patches for these, but much of it never made it into the repository.  I
don't know if all SNDS100 boards have the same flash devices or not, so this
flash driver may not work for your board.  I suggest searching the eCos
archives.  I have an update to the winbond w29eexxx flash driver that allows
it to work with eCos, but I have never submitted it, since there seemed to
be no interest.

If you can submit it to bugzilla as per you can be sure it won't be forgotten - once in there it will be in the system and tracked.

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