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Re: Serial Port Configuration

Ali Rodgo wrote:
Thank you very much, i have made the following configuration:



and the code you can see in the file serial.c. When compiling i receive
two errors in the open function:undefined reference to "open".

open() should come from the FILEIO package which CYGPKG_IO_SERIAL_TERMIOS requires. Are you sure your configuration is consistent?

I f i want to make a printf should now open the device(SERIAL A)
"/dev/termios0" and call the write function or call easy the printf
function as before(/dev/ttydiag)

Assuming you aren't running GDB on the same port, it's probably best to use /dev/termios0, or /dev/tty0 should work too.

You can't use /dev/ttydiag on the same port as you're running the "full" serial driver on.

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