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Re: Adding library to libtarget.a

On Thu, Feb 12, 2004 at 02:27:25PM +0100, Heiko Panther wrote:
> >>I have a libmylib.a which is needed by my serial I/O code. Usually, I 
> >>link it when I link my app. Now when I want to build redboot, I don't 
> >>know how to link it. It would be fine for me to always link libmylib.a 
> >>into libtarget.a, as a part of the HAL package probably. How can I do 
> >>that?
> >
> >What you are talking about is adding a new package to eCos. The eCos
> >build system will then build the package when it builds the rest of
> >eCos and make you new package part of libtarget.a. Take a look at the
> > and
> >look at some of the other packages in eCos. The cdl file in each
> >package is the key to all this.
> Right. My question should have been, "How do I use a library in a 
> package?". I've seen how you add source files to a package - with the 
> compile statement. I found no similar statement to add a library. I only 
> have the library, not the source files.

OK. I assumed you had sources.

edit the ecos.ecc file. Look at option CYGBLD_GLOBAL_LDFLAGS. You
should be able to add the extra link parameters there.


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