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Re: REDBOOT: Problem with Redboot download

Aniket S Joshi wrote:
Hi all,

with the help of configuration file provided with ecos software (2.0) i
am able to generate *.srec file for my Hitachi 7729 board. With the boot
loader supported by Hitachi tried to down load the srec file in to the
flash , but it is taking 55 Minutes (fifty five minutes) to download the
file. Can anybody tell me what is wrong?

Have you checked the size of the file? Maybe it wasn't generated right. Or maybe the addresses in it are wrong - use sh-elf-objdump -h on the ELF format file to check. Did you follow the RedBoot documentation? i.e. either or

Other than that, I'll have to pass on how fast the Hitachi boot loader is to load programs - you'd need to take that up with Hitachi.

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