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Re: Adding library to libtarget.a

Heiko Panther wrote:
Right. My question should have been, "How do I use a library in a package?". I've seen how you add source files to a package - with the compile statement. I found no similar statement to add a library. I only have the library, not the source files.

edit the ecos.ecc file. Look at option CYGBLD_GLOBAL_LDFLAGS. You
should be able to add the extra link parameters there.

I actually tried that. Problem here is the link order. It seems that the items from CYGBLD_GLOBAL_LDFLAGS get linked last, but would have been needed for libtarget.a, which gets linked earlier. That's why I tried to get my lib into the package.

But that's what you want surely - if libtarget.a comes earlier, you need your library to come later on the link line in order to satisfy the dependencies. You may also need to add an additional -ltarget to satisfy the dependencies of your library too.

Worst case, hack $ECOS_REPOSITORY/pkgconf/rules.mak

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