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Re: eCos2.0 download

> wrote:
> > if you download the install script, you will see that it fetches a
> > file containing a list of mirrors. If you have problems with your
> > firewall you can download the file manually:
> >
> > 
> > I've had problems on Cygwin with proxy settings: it seemed like
> > http_proxy settings got lost while running the install script (?).
> Almost needless to say that shouldn't happen! I believe I've found
> problem - a bug in cygwin TCL to do with environment variables (it
> them all to upper case).
> Can you give it another try with a proxy for me to confirm it now
works for 
> you?

Hi Jonathan,
I tried to download the install script again, and I checked it had
fixes related with environment variables.
However, it doesn't seem to fix the problem:
- when I run the install script with the "-v" parameter ("sh
ecos-install.tcl -v"), I can see that wget tries to resolve the domain, and it fails as it doesn't have a direct
connection to the Internet,
- when I use wget on the command line to download the same file from, it recognises my proxy settings and connects to
the proxy server.
I'd be happy to help if you want me to try again or provide you with
some other information that might be of any use to you.


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