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Re: MIPS variant specific stuff in

"Andy Dyer" <> writes:

> Is there a reason why there's so much variant specific stuff
> in the hal/mips/arch/current/include/  There are a
> bunch of #ifdef CYG_HAL_MIPS_R3900 and one or two #ifdef CYG_HAL_MIPS32
> statements in there.

These select different sub-variations of the basic MIPS
architecture. These are things that would be common to many different
implementations. Thus it makes sense to place them in the architecture
and have them enabled from the variant if necessary.

> I don't have any systems with those cpus, so if I made a patch
> I have no way to test it.

It depends on what the changes are. If they only use MIPSII ops then
they can probably go in as generic changes, however anything that
uses MIPSIII or MIPSIV ops would probably need to be made
conditional. Anything that fiddles with obscure CP0 registers may also
need to be conditional.

What do you want to change?

Nick Garnett                    eCos Kernel Architect      The eCos and RedBoot experts

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