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Re: MIPS variant specific stuff in

"Andy Dyer" <> writes:

> I guess the terminology fooled me - R3900 was really only ever used
> by Toshiba for their stuff, most everybody else used "R3000" for the
> family, and MIPS32 I thought referred to the specific MIPS32 core
> that MIPS inc. offers.

The idea was that the R3900 option would transform eventually into
general R3000 support. While that hasn't happened, there are still
some R3000 based devices out there, so the option is still useful.
MIPS32/64 are architecture sub-variants developed by MIPS for embedded

> I was offering to push the R3900 stuff into
> mips/tx39/current/ and the MIPS32 into
> mips/mips32/current/, but it sounds like you don't want
> it there, so never mind.

I guess, as it has turned out, the two examples of this could probably
be pushed out as you suggest. However, as examples of a design
principle that we would like to preserve, they probably ought to stay
where they are. If that makes sense.

Nick Garnett                    eCos Kernel Architect      The eCos and RedBoot experts

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