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Re: To: Ricardo Andrino about eb40A

Marcelo wrote:
Hi Jonathan

Result of arm-elf-gcc -v:
    My configure file does not include that "--with-gc=simple" line. (I
think that was your objective with arm-elf-gcc -v command, right?)
    And gcc version is 3.2.1

About the downloads, I did they from And I followed all steps on site. That's my information source site, my first
contact with eCos was on it.

I saw the message link you sent me and that's my problem too.
I'm using Win98......

Does revert to an earlier Cygwin.dll implies a new Cygwin install or only a
file replacement?

File replacement, but I'm not sure you can get old enough versions of the cygwin DLL any more.

Does the toolchain Re-Build need any kind of Uninstall before it? Do you
know where can I found this Uninstall procedment (if it's necessary)?

No, you can just put the new toolchain in the same place as the old one.

Do I need a RTOS like eCos If I only need to compile, debug and download a
file image into the AT91EB40A FLASH  memory via Wiggler? Can I do these only
with Cygwin and GNU toolchain? I saw something at an OCDemon or a MacGraigor

I don't believe those help you program the flash.

Are toolchain and toolkit the same thing?

Probably yes :-).

What's exactly a prebuilt file? How can I Know this? Is it about the tar

Prebuilt just means someone's already built it for you so you don't have to build it. But in your case, you will have to rebuild with --with-gc=simple

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