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Re: ecos port on X86 target

baljeet singh wrote:
Hi all,
Finally I am able to generate libtarget.a and make an
application using the ping_test.c (as provided in the
ecos release). When I load the the file on the board
and execute go command, I get the following:
which when translated is the diagnostic message "Start
Ping Test\n" which is the message at the start of the
test. System crashes at this point.

Any reason the message is being printed in Hex.
Is this an issue with my library build?

That's a GDB packet. Even though you loaded and started the app via redboot, it seems to have decided to GDB encode it. This may happen depending on the configuration of eCos used with your program. For example you should make sure CYGSEM_HAL_USE_ROM_MONITOR is enabled.

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