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How can I build a System, that enables firmware download for customers?


I am planing to build a System with RedBoot and a loadable Linux kernel.
The system should be deployed with a Linux kernel im FLASH, which will be
started by RedBoot.
Our customers should be able to load a new Linux kernel - which we deploy
also - per ethernet or per modem connection (ppp).

Of course we cannot demand from our customers to setup dhcpd, minicom, put
in some commands and so on.
What we need to offer is an interface program on PC, which manages the
download of a new Linux Kernel. Everything else must be done automatically.
I think, the download is not the problem. We can manage this, so that the
new (zipped) kernel is stored in RAM memory.
What we need is a program interface between the running  Linux kernel and
RedBoot, which does the following:
*	create a file image out of the loaded Linux Kernel (in FLASH)
*	tell RedBoot, to use the new image at the next reboot
*	delete the old file image
*	make a reboot
Does RedBoot offer such an interface?
Who has experience with that kind of request and can give me some

:-) Andreas

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