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Re: How can I build a System, that enables firmware download for customers?

Andrew Lunn wrote:

The hard bit here is getting the CRC check value in the correct place if you upgrade your image from Linux. I don't know where it is stored. You need to read the redboot sources. If its tagged onto the end of the image it should be OK. If its stored inside the FIS directory it will be a bit more difficult since you will need to be able to modify that to insert the new value.

It's the latter. Which then makes the FIS update another point of failure. All this type of stuff isn't an easy problem to solve, however...

There is an existing solution to this allowing you to reliably revert to a previous image, but it's only available as a custom option with the eCosPro Developer's Kit. Contact if you want to find out more and the URL in my sig gives more info about the EDK in general (eclipse IDE, etc.etc.). Ad over :-).

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