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Re: RedBoot+GDB+application combo question

> Hi list,
> I've built a working RedBoot loader w/ GDB on a V850E/MS1 system with
> software breakpoints ( "br *" ) and an unused timer output that is fed
> back into the NMI for periodic "bp hit" checking i.e. much like the
> existing V850 port, just heavily tweaked for V850E/MS1.

Is there any reason why 'dbtrap' instruction can't be used for breakpoints ?

> Now I'm into running the kernel test suite and the question I haven't
> seen answered is, how do I go about the GDB stuff. I have RedBoot in
> internal flash and load the application into RAM. Do I keep the GDB code
> in RedBoot and leave out GDB completely for the application, therefore
> debugging by using RedBoot's GDB, or should I pack GDB into the app and
> make it override RedBoot's VSR table, with RedBoot completely out of the
> picture once I've typed "go"?
> If there's more than one way, I'd like the "elegant" route. ;)
Do you have any thoughts against putting GDB stubs into RedBoot ?

If you start the timer which you use for breakpoint support at RedBoot
startup it will of course bring some overhead also if you don't do any
debugging - this can be avoided by starting it the first time breakpoint() 
is called (i.e. starting GDB stubs). 



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