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ecos port x86


I am trying to get serial port to work on my target

My settings in the config (.ecc) file are 

Number of comm channels 3
Debug serial port 0
Default console channel 1
Diagnostic serial port 1
Output to PC screen is checked.

My setup is as follows:
My host is connected to one of the serial ports of the
target. Other serial port of the target is connected
to 2nd PC. I am using the Hyper terminal of 2nd PC to
talk to this other channel of the target.

I am using the serial.c program from ecos.

I have added the code to check for any of the
following devices
/dev/serial0, dev/serial1, dev/ser0, dev/ser1 ,
dev/haldiag (similar to /dev/haldiag in the serial.c
example) to get the handle.

err = cyg_io_lookup( "/dev/ser1", &handle );
    if (ENOERR == err) {
		        printf("Found /dev/ser1. Writing
		        err = cyg_io_write( handle, test_string,
&len );

Only handle it can find is for /dev/haldiag.

Am I missing something in the setup? 


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