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Re: How to build big-endian arm libraries for the Intel XScaleIXP425

Krishna Ganugapati wrote:

a.. binutils-2.13.1-v850-hashtable.patch b.. gcc-3.2.1-arm-multilib.patch ------------> This should have been warning enough. Its 2004 - perhaps Gary's patch of May 2003 has already been folded appropriately into this patch... (speculative)

IIRC that patch would conflict with the arm multilib one because they affect similar areas in the same file. Although if so I'd expect the toolchain build to fail.

Anyway, the "official" way to build is to download and apply that _after_ having applied gcc-3.2.1-arm-multilib.patch

  c.. insight-5.3-tcl_win_encoding.patch
 The tools took some amount of time to build, but built flawlessly. All my
tools were stored in /gnutools on my machine.

I then fired up the configtool - changed the build path to /gnutools from
/opt/ecos/gnutools and surprise I saw the message "/gnutools does not appear
to contain the build tools - use this folder anyway?"

Did you see if there was anything in there? Did the toolchain build definitely succeed?


Am I right in assuming that gcc-3.2.1-arm-multilib.patch that is provided
with the toolchain sources is a patch that generates all necessary binaries
and libraries for all variants of  arm. More specifically, does this patch
once applied force generation of binaries and libraries necessary for
building a big-endian arm target for the Intel XScale IXP425?  If this is
correct, my potential moral is now a real moral..

It doesn't include big-endian support.

Can I therefore assume that my binaries were successfully built

Nope. Look there and find out! In particular from the command line try running "/gnutools/tools/bin/arm-elf-gcc -print-multi-lib" to see if big-endian libraries are included.

Could someone kindly explain to me why this message pops up - the toolchain
is nicely installed in /gnutools - I point the "Build Path" to /gnutools -
is there anything else I need to do?

It probably means there aren't tools there ;-).

Could someone explain what gcc-3.2.1-arm-multilib.patch does? My reading of
diff files is poor.

It allows the compiler to support various alternative configurations, or optimisations for certain configurations, specifically:

thumb interworking

big-endian is another option, but is included in the separate patch above.

Might I humbly suggest that the website be updated to indicate that ecos2.0
toolchains do not provide the big-endian support for arm - presumably for
size reasons and how to go about building a big-endian toolchain?

The big-endian patch isn't mentioned in the instructions for rebuilding tools, so I've added that.

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