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Re: Standalone ethernet application

Hans Kester wrote:
Dear group,

I am trying to boot a standalone program from floppy on an ordinary PC.
RedBoot works fine, a simple 'hello' example also works fine but when I
include networking I get a bunch of errors. Any idea what is wrong?
Bad link eth0 0xffffffff 0x000843ec 0 0x00004930: InitRxRing:1848

Haven't really looked, but this happens when the ring of rx buffers in the PCI window is corrupt. It's possible a BIOS setting could do this, or a card problem. But my suspicion is that your standalone program may be using more than 640K of RAM, leaving insufficient room for the PCI window. This is because the "FLOPPY" startup type is, by itself, only really intended for redboot. You should probably tweak the memory layout in hal/i386/pc/current/include/pkgconf/mlt_i386_pc_floppy* to take advantage of memory above 0x100000. RAM startup apps automatically load and run above 0x100000 which is why those don't normally have a problem.

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